I became a chainmaker because of a gift my grandfather made for my mother. When Mom was a teenager she enrolled in a jewelry class at school. My grandfather became interested in the chainmaking process and created a beautiful matching necklace and bracelet for my mother. The necklace was lost during a move but my mother never forgot it.

Years later, as a Mother’s Day present, I decided to attempt to replace the necklace Grandfather had made for her by making one myself. In order to understand and learn the intricate pattern of the necklace, I had to take apart (and put back together!) the matching bracelet her father had made for her. By doing this I was able to teach myself the chainmaking process.

There is no question in my mind that this experience led me to become a professional chainmaker. I believe I have been given several gifts and one of them is the gift of patience to use metal as others might use thread. I love creating handmade chains. I find it almost meditational in nature. And, to this day, I continue to proudly wear the bracelet my grandfather made for my mother. It is a continuous source of both pleasure and joy.

Shirley Moss and Cody The Wonder Dog